About Us

Private Joint Stock Company “Elsyton” was founded in 1994.

The name of the company consists of three abbreviated parts: “EL” – electronic, “SY” – systems, “TON” – “particle” from Greek.

The company develops and produces electronic equipment, telecommunication systems, and software.

The company has:

    • an R&D Department;
    • a Technological Department;
    • a Service Network all over Ukraine.

The production is sub-contracting.

Over the years of existence, the company has been producing and supplying the following equipment:

    • PABX;
    • equipment for pager communication (repeaters, power amplifier);
    • special equipment for city automatic exchanges;
    • GSM alarm systems;
    • GPS/GPRS trackers;
    • fuel level sensor.

The company owns the patens and certificates for its products.